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Let us accelerate the resilient venture for doing amazing things not by impulse, but by bringing together a series of small initiatives.

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What is Saahas?

Saahas is a venture to deliver heterogeneous intiatives for welfare.

Saahas in English means audacity, daring, fearlessness, toughness, forcefulness, determination, resolve, resolution.

Rock-solid leg work to serve humanity and reinforce harmony with nature

Saahas spreads happiness among those who need social support through acts like sharing food, time, resources, knowledge, skills, money.

Furthermore, Saahas reinforces harmony with nature in the broadest framework, which promotes pollutant-free space along with celestial objects, respecting environment and taking care of animals, birds, species.

All-weather initiatives and behind the scenes toil

Saahas is driving initiatives as game changers across various domains and geographies by using the bandwidth of local companions. Take a look at the initiatives for sustainability and welfare.

Community kitchen

To begin with, community kitchen organises initiatives for serving juice, tea, milk, coffee, food, water and sweets sourced from good hawkers or home.

Groceries purchasd from stores are also supplied to those who wish to cook food on their own.

Liberal education

Liberal education is an approach to learning that provides broad knowledge of the wider world e.g., environmet, science, arts, culture, society.

Initiatives for liberal education facilitate employment opportunities and proffer better lifestyles.

Social support

Social support is the perception that one is cared for and has assistance available from supportive people or network.

Social support mobilises initiatives like women empowerment, fiscal aid, family welfare, supporting weaker sections, stand-up meets, cleanliness, festival celebration, ritual performance, health checkups, prescription handling, along with donating clothes, footwear, text books, note books, stationery, bed sheets, mats, blankets, new or used articles, etc.

Pollutant-free space

Pollutants in space are floating waste of defunct satellites, spent rockets, fragments from their disintegration and collision, artificial stuff on celestial objects, etc.

Initiatives to handle space pollutants are, repair and reuse, grasp the floating waste with recovery satellite or spacecraft in order to deorbit it to Earth and destroy in re-entry, do not leave artificial stuff on celestial objects or reclaim in subsequent missions.

Respecting environment

Respecting environment promotes initiatives to address harmful effects of human activity on the environment.  

Initiatives to conserve environment include depositing trash in collection points for segregation, (e)waste handling, promoting greenery, protecting natural resources, rain water harvesting, energy from renewable resources, adopting reduce, reuse, recycle policy, giving awareness on bio-degradable goods and so on.

Taking care of animals, birds, species

Taking care of animals, birds, species mean how they are coping up with conditions in their natural habitat.

Initiatives like giving food, water, shelter and treatment are of interest.

Lightning-fast impact

Lightning-fast impact from awe-inspiring ground work is assured. An array of challenges can be handled on the spot.

Nonetheless, revisit Saahas to seek motivation for incubating your raw ideas in to awesome initiatives or setting up JV.

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